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When Is The Best Time To Replace Windows?

Are you noticing a cool draft coming into your home? Are the energy bills getting more expensive as the months go by? Is the air conditioner not working as it should be? 


Before you jump to any conclusions, you might want to consider that your windows are the culprit. 


Noticeably, if your windows are difficult to open and close, fog up excessively, have air leaks (hence the rising energy costs) or are more than 25 years old, it could be time to replace them.


Which begs the question: “when’s the best time of year to replace windows?”. 


As you will read, while there are many seasonal factors to consider, window installation projects can be conducted all year around. It’s just down to you to decide what’s best for you, your family and your home. 


Your Guide to Window Replacement in Calgary 


The Spring & Summer Months


Perhaps the busiest and best time of the year. There are major advantages to have your windows installed as the weather gets warmer: 


  • The beautiful, warm weather ensures that the project can be completed on time, within budget and without delays (barring the random shower or two). Just make sure you hire the best window installer for the job to ensure a smooth transition. 
  • The warmer conditions are also beneficial for the installation process, as the caulk adheres better in warm weather, making installation quicker and easier.
  • You can eliminate unwanted cold drafts from entering your home during the project, as the weather is warmer outside. 
  • You will be able to reduce the higher energy bills during the summer months, meaning more savings in your pocket. 


If there is one downside, it’s that installers might be in demand, which means you’ll have to schedule your project in advance. 


(Here is our guide on the “The Best Skylights For Cold Climates”!) 


The Fall & Winter Months 


While the cooler months might seem like the ideal time to replace your windows, there are many unexpected benefits. 


  • There are opportunities to get a better price or deals on windows in the winter due to lower demand. 
  • There is less demand on installers, meaning you have more flexibility with dates and times. 
  • You can quickly reduce your energy bills, as air leaks will be closed up. 


There are drawbacks to the fall and winter months: weather conditions can cause delays while inviting cold air in the house, making it uncomfortable. 


Worker on the roof


Although winter replacements might present their own challenges, they can be completed effectively. You’ll just need to hire an experienced roofing company with expertise and knowledge to work in wintery conditions. 


(Read why roofers can still work in the winter months right here


Why Opt For New Windows in Calgary? 


Ultimately, the time to replace your windows comes down to you. However, if your windows are in desperate need of replacement, then it’s best to do it sooner rather than later. 


Don’t be discouraged, though – replacing your windows can present you with a wealth of benefits, including enhancing the beauty of your home’s curb appeal, increasing its value (making it more appealing to investors and buyers) while saving you thousands on energy bills.


Make sure that you select windows that are: 


  • Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Certified
  • Energy Star Approved
  • Fitted with Low E Glass & Argon Gas
  • Protects your home against UV rays 
  • Spray Foam Insulated, providing structural protection and a higher R-value 


Significantly, make sure you hire skilled contractors with years of experience, a reliable reputation and are committed to excellence – like Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors


Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors is your trusted Calgary roofing company. Since 1985, we have been providing customers with top-quality roofing in Calgary, specializing in roof replacement, siding repair, and roof repairs. As a family-operated and owned business, we have established ourselves as a trusted source of high-quality work. When you choose Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors, you are not just a customer; you are part of the family. For a free quote on your roofing in Calgary, call us at 403-995-0677.

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