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The Best Skylights For Cold Climates

Skylights in Calgary can brighten your home with natural light, save you money through reduced energy costs, and create a pleasant atmosphere.

But what about the cold months? Are they still effective?
What skylights should you look for that work in the colder Alberta climates?

This guide helps you find the best skylights in Calgary for the winter! 

What Your Skylights in Calgary Need For Cold Climates

In the cold Albertan winters, your skylights will require something more durable and tougher to withstand the cold, providing you with heat and comfort while saving money on energy bills. 

Therefore, when searching for skylights in Calgary, consider the following:

The Flashing 

  • The flashing is a vital component as it is designed to keep as much moisture on the roofing material’s surface as possible. It is the first layer of protection and, as such, an essential part of your skylight. Without properly installed flashing, you risk water seepage that can cause significant damage to your roof and home with the likes of rust, corrosion and mold developing. 


Tempered Glass 

  • Make sure you find skylights with tempered, flexible and impact-resistant glass. This glass type makes it very durable against cold winter, particularly storms, and makes it more transparent. Moreover, the glass with a low e-glaze, prevents infrared light waves and UV rays entering the house. You should make sure that the glass is triple-pane. With triple-pane glass, you get extra protection from fade-causing UV rays, increased energy efficiency and extra strength and quality. 


Laminated Glass

  • You should consider skylights that are laminated, particularly from Velux. Laminated glass offers a wide range of benefits, including a Neat® glass coating that keeps your skylight cleaner for longer (reducing maintenance), hail warranty (against any cracking or breakage due to hail), extra quiet protection as it reduces outside noise significantly, and is extremely safe for the household. 


Thermal Insulation

  • Thermal insulation with argon gas is crucial when it comes to minimizing heat transfer and containing warmth within the home. Look for skylights that have proper glazing and U-factors that prevent condensation and reduce heat loss. 




Why Choose VELUX As Your Skylights in Calgary


While there are many skylight manufacturers, none compare to the quality offered by VELUX. Renowned for their quality, value and durability, VELUX skylights can provide you with all the protection, warmth and atmospheric pleasures you want in your home. 

All their skylights are made with tempered, flexible, impact-resistant glass, and come with their VELUX No Leak flashing system, thereby ensuring no leaks into your home. Significantly, their skylights are ENERGY STAR™ approved, fitted with Low-E and Argon gas, allowing natural light to enter your home while blocking the heat. 

As such, when it comes to skylights for cold climates, you have your choice of the most popular VELUX skylight options, including: 

Solar Powered Venting Skylights

  • With a solar panel, these powered skylights capture available daylight, which is then stored and recharges the battery-operated control system. Energy-efficient and effective, there is no need for wires for this skylight. 


Electric Venting Skylights

  • With the touch of a button, these skylights open and close. It allows an abundance of natural light, and better yet, if you leave it open during winter, the in-built rain sensor activities and closes it. 


Fixed Skylights

  • A standard fixed skylight can work wonders for your home. It is visually expanding for specific areas in the home, such as hallways, stairwells, and other closed-in, dark spaces. More so, with its tempered glass, it provides adequate warmth and protection. It is an economical choice for allowing light into your home during winter. 
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VELUX Certified Installer - Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors

Feel Better By Investing In Skylights!

With access to VELUX’s best skylights, you can ensure that your home enjoys all its benefits during the colder climates. 

All you need is to find a Calgary roofing company with the expertise, knowledge, and certification through the VELUX Installers Program. This ensures they are capable of installing your VELUX skylights in your home correctly the first time.

But significantly, the best reason why you should get skylights is to make you feel happier and better during winter! Seasonal affectiveness disorder, a condition that occurs when people don’t get enough daylight occurs during the winter. Its main symptoms include a change in mood.

Being locked inside a home with no natural light can make you feel tired, lazy and sad. By getting more daylight into the home through a skylight, you will get more Vitamin D, thereby making you feel happier! 

So skylights are more than just making your home feel and look better – it makes you feel better too! 


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