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Our philosophy is simple — Satisfaction Guaranteed! No matter how long you’ve had your roof, we always inspect our work free of charge, and we honour warranties 100%. Our GAF Master Elite®  status provides our customers with both a lifetime workmanship and 50-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Roof Maintenance in Calgary

Roof Maintenance Calgary

When Your Roof Needs Some TLC

Maintenance is a proactive approach to help maximize the lifespan of your roof. Scheduling professional roof maintenance in Calgary every 5 years is ideal to ensure its safety and performance. We can assist by providing comprehensive maintenance and tune-ups.

10 Point Maintenance Tune-Up

Part of Hubbard’s success is our extensive 10-Point maintenance. It includes a professional evaluation of the roof and components, such as the soffit and fascia; resealing all flashings and vents, skylights and chimney flashings; replacing loose or missing shingles; caulking all exposed nails; replacing ABS and non-ABS plumbing flashing; repairing a leak; securing and resealing valleys, and removing debris. 

The Benefits of Roof Maintenance

Prevent Damage
Prevent Damage

Sticking to a roof maintenance schedule can extend the lifespan of your roof, as well as prevent future damages. As we perform professional maintenance, we can easily spot and address burgeoning issues before they cause extensive and expensive damages.
Improve Curb Appeal
Improve Curb Appeal

The roof is a vital part of your home’s value. Ensuring it is structurally sound and in optimum condition will enhance its curb appeal to potential buyers and investors. Your home, therefore, will increase in value.
Balance Roofing Costs
Balance Roofing Costs

Discovering hidden problems can mean immediate repairs, saving you money in the future. You are also protecting the quality of your roof, ensuring that there is no need for extensive repairs or replacements in the future.

Service Now. Pay Later

Your roof protects what matters most, your home and your family, but we know a new roof doesn’t always fit in the budget. We’ve partnered with SNAP Home Finance and Financeit to offer you a choice of lender and affordable monthly payment options to suit your budget and lifestyle. All loans are open and can be paid off at any time without penalty.

Calgary Roofing Companies
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Making the Smart Decision

Undertaking roof maintenance in Calgary offers several benefits that protect and enhance the value of your property. Primarily, it will lengthen the life of your roof, reducing the need for significant repairs or replacements in the future. The process will also uncover potential problems that can be solved sooner rather than later, saving you money while improving your home’s curb appeal. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure. 

Our Gallery

Our Gallery

Exterior Renovations Calgary
Exterior Renovations Calgary
Roof Maintenance Calgary
Exterior Renovations Calgary
Exterior Renovations Calgary


Benefits of Our Roofing Company in Calgary

Exceed Industry

Our Chief Inspector has over 39 years of experience completing detailed inspections of roof replacements to ensure high quality.

Family Owned &

Phil & Dorie Hubbard started Hubbard Roofing in 1985, and we continue to be a family-owned and operated business today.

Committed to

The roofing industry is prone to accidents and infractions, but we are committed to ensuring safe work environments for everyone.


We’re doing our best to remain environmentally responsible, recycling over 90% of roofing material waste every year.

Dedicated Project

Dedicated project managers provide consistent updates on the timing of the project and act as one point of contact throughout.

7 Days a Week

Emergency repair services may be required to address storm damage or other issues. We’re available 24/7 to meet your needs.

What to Expect From Hiring Hubbard

Since 1985, we have conducted comprehensive maintenance services to the benefit of homeowners. Despite seeing changes in styles and materials over the years, we have remained vigilant in our education and processes. For roofing in Calgary, we will apply our 10-Point Tune-Up process to guarantee that we extend the lifespan of your roof. Be proactive and protect your home by becoming part of the Hubbard family.


Warped or missing shingles, deteriorated flashings, visible cracks, cracked paint and discolored plasterboard are all indications of potential problems. Our team can conduct a tune-up to assess the condition of your roof.

We recommend a roof tune-up every 5 years, or sooner in the event of strong winds, hail and other storms. However, if you experience extreme weather conditions and drastic weather events, such as hail or snowstorms, it’s best if you get it inspected by our team.

You risk your life and safety by conducting inspections and maintenance yourself. You also can end up damaging your roof and home, requiring more costly repairs. Our professional contractors are trained to safely and efficiently repair any damages. 

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