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Can You Do A Roof Replacement in Winter?

With winter in full swing, it doesn’t mean you can suddenly ignore the responsibilities of managing your roof. If anything, the increase in hail and snowstorms means you have to take extra care with your roof. 


You will have to conduct roof repairs on the spot, get professional inspections and ensure that your roof maintains its strength, durability and quality. 


But what about roof replacements? Can you get a roof replaced during the winter? 


Let’s take a look at if this is possible, and if so, how to make sure you get it done properly.  


Can I Get a Roof Replacement in Calgary During Winter? 


There is a common misconception that roof replacements in Calgary are seasonal and cannot be done during the cold winter months. Many homeowners rush to replace their roofs in spring or fall, stressing themselves about the time crunch. 


But many homeowners don’t realize that their roofs can be confidently replaced during winter. 


It might take a little longer than usual due to the special care required to ensure proper application during the cold, but you can expect to get a roof replacement in Calgary during winter. 


All you need is a roofing company that has the experience to do the job for you. 


What Your Calgary Roofing Contractor Needs 


Not all roofing companies in Calgary have the experience or want to conduct roof replacements during the winter. How do you find one that does? Consider these important factors: 


A Safety Process

Due to slippery slopes, snow and ice, it is essential that the roofing company has a safety process for working on roofs during winter. Only with the right equipment, such as harnesses and ropes, can the contractor work on the roof, ensuring their safety while protecting your home. 


Expertise with the Roofing Application

Depending on the roofing material, the application will be impacted by the weather. Therefore, you need a contractor who can handle the roofing materials and its applications, particularly during the winter months. Experience matters in this case, as does references of previous projects in winter. 


Roofing Inspection Pre & Post Replacement 

Every roof has to be inspected before the replacement begins and after it’s completion. The first initial inspection will help the roofing contractor determine the extent of the damage and the work required to replace it. It will aid them in planning out the entire project. 


Post-project inspections will ensure that the project meets your and the roofing company’s high standards. It will also be used to double-check that no roofing material was left behind, once the project was completed. 

The professional worker works on installation of a roof of a roof by sheets of a metal tile and drills a screw with a drill

Roofing companies that don’t offer these inspections might not be experienced enough to handle the project. 


The Roofing Crew’s Experience

Not all roofing companies in Calgary have the expertise to handle roof replacements in winter. Due to the lack of knowledge, personal experience or tools, some roofing contractors are not comfortable with handling replacements in winter. That’s why you need to find a knowledgeable crew with the experience and reputation to handle your project. 


An established crew knows when a roof requires replacement, what is required to handle the project, and follows the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines for roofing materials and applications. 


Get a Roof Replacement in Calgary Now! 


If you think that your roof is severely damaged and needs immediate replacement, don’t wait until the winter is over to get it done. Winter roof replacements are a great option for homeowners, securing your home during the toughest time of the year. 


You can reduce the risk of further damages and costly repairs while protecting your home by getting a roof replacement in Calgary today. 


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