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Environmentally Friendly Euroshield Rubber Roofing

Did you know you can replace your roof while helping the environment?  Enter Euroshield Rubber Roofing.  Made from recycled tires, this roof replacement option is an excellent choice for Calgarians as it comes with a class 4 hail rating and is manufactured locally.


Euroshield products contain 70% crumb rubber from tires and approximately 95% recycled content.  In Alberta, Euroshield utilizes 53% of the crumb rubber generated by crumb rubber processors to create their roofing products.

We have found rubber roofing shakes to be a popular choice in communities with aging cedar shakes that need replacing.  The rubber roof options come in 3 shake profiles and 2 slate profiles.


Shake Profiles

Euroshield has 3  shake profiles available – EuroShake, Beaumont Shake and Harvest Shake.

Hubbard Roofing and Exteriors recently replaced a shake roof in SE Calgary with the Beaumont Shake in Silverwood. The results is a beautifully updated roof with a similar look to the original cedar shake roof, but in a new, refreshing color.  The rubber roof will not fade or crack like the original shake product, providing the homeowner with maintenance free protection for their home.

The Beaumont shake is the newest addition to the Euroshield family and was introduced in 2016.  It is the most authentic looking shake option with less panels than the Harvest Shake which is great for a larger roof.

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The 3 shake profiles come in the following colors:

  • EuroShake – Black, Weathered Brown & Grey
  • Harvest Shake – Saxon Black, Woodlands Brown & Silverwod (grey)
  • Beaumont Shake – Saxon Black, Woodlands Brown & Silverwood (grey)

Slate Profiles

Euroshield has 2 slate profiles available – Rundle Slate and Heritage Slate.

Both slate profiles were created to replicate the look of a traditional slate roof without the heavy weight and high cost.  Heritage Slate is a thinner, lighter, and more cost effective option than the original Rundle Slate (previously known as EuroSlate).


The 3 slate profiles come in the following colors:

  • Rundle Slate – Blackstone, Brownstone & Greystone
  • Heritage Slate – Charcoal Black, Sterling Brown & Rustic Grey

7 Great Reasons to Choose a Rubber Roof

  1. Environmentally Friendly – Composed of 95% of recycled material.
  2. Hail Impact Protection – Class 4 hail rating with 2″ hail warranty coverage.
  3. Maintenance Free – With color throughout there is no fading, chipping and it won’t wear away.
  4. Lightweight – Comparable to the weight of asphalt shingles.  No special reinforcements required.
  5. Affordable – Excellent long term value and among the lowest cost permanent roofing solution.
  6. Tough – The interlocking tongue and groove design provides tremendous resistance to wind uplift.
  7. Transferable Lifetime Warranty – First 50 years are non-prorated.

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