How to find a leak in a roof

How To Find A Leak In A Roof

Leaks are often considered the worst problem a roofing system can face. They are indicative of further damage, cause damage to personal belongings, and can be a real hassle to fix or correct.

Luckily, roof repairs in Calgary are not often needed for leaky roofs. This is because roofs are a system of layers that should prevent any water from entering into the household, and with proper maintenance, the damage should never be that severe.

However, because of the multi-layered system of roofs, if there is a leak, it can be hard to identify. This is when it is important to know how to find a leak in a roof.

Common Signs That Your Roof is Leaking

Check For Moisture Spots

Checking for leaks begins with a visual inspection of your ceiling. Check the topmost floor of your home and use a flashlight to ensure you are seeing any subtle changes between the ceiling space of each room. What you are looking for is dark lines that form a, roughly, circular shape in the material of your ceiling. This is an indication of moisture above. Along with this comes: 

Check for Mold

While performing your visual inspection on your ceiling, look for any traces of mold. Be especially attentive to corners and seams as these areas create a good environment for mold to grow and multiply. If there is any sign of mold, strongly consider roof repairs in Calgary.

How to find a leak in a roof

Use a Temperature Gun

A good indication of leaks in your roof is a change in temperature. Therefore, it is a good idea to use a temperature gun that can take measurements from afar during your indoor inspection. Point at all four corners of each room, and the centre of the room as well. You are looking for significant changes in temperature that don’t match the rest of your temperature readings.

Remember to be cognizant of sunlight and other temperature-altering items. A false reading could cause unnecessary stress or concern. Now you know how to find a leak in a roof.

Call the Roof Repair Experts

The best thing you can do if you suspect your roof leaks is call a roofing company in Calgary. They will come in and use specialized equipment to look for signs of leaks, and if they discover anything untoward they will have the right equipment and expertise to correct the repair at the same time. 

If there is no suspicion of a roof repair it is still important to seek regular roof inspection. Once or twice a year is ample to ensure your roof is working properly and protecting your home from any issues.

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