can a roof be replaced in one day

Can a Roof Be Replaced in One Day?

Your roof is important, and it’s only fair to want the replacement process to go as quickly as possible. Whether it’s simply because of a favourable weather window, or some overarching time constraint due to scheduling on behalf of the client or the contractor, if a roof replacement can be done properly, why not get it done in a day?

Size of the Roof

As with many construction/renovation-related projects, replacing a roof is full of variables. For starters, the size of the roof must be considered, alongside the size of the crew. Redoing the roof of a single-car detached garage is one thing. Redoing the roof of a 4,000-square-foot multi-level house is another. A larger roof means the removal of more roofing material and the safe and proper disposal of that material. After removal, an equal amount of new roofing material must be put into place and installed. Of course, this is assuming that no additional work is being done to the roof pre-installation, such as structural repairs. It’s not uncommon to find problems after removing a roof. These problems, such as rotted wood, water infiltration, or other structural issues can oftentimes be addressed and fixed, but they still add time to the process.

Safety of the Crew

Another variable to consider is the shape of the roof in question. Does this roof include, for example, sections that are too steep or narrow and therefore can not be walked on? Is the property multi-level, with a first, second, or even third floor? Safety on the job site is always important, especially when working at height. On a taller and/or steeper roof, a slower work speed may be required to ensure the safety of the crew. Additionally, crews working on roofing jobs with steep or narrow sections may require more intricate support structures such as scaffolding or ladder jacks, which take time to properly set up and take down. 

A Job Well Done

Finally, the attention to detail that is paid during the installation of a new roof is absolutely essential, as it will have to hold up for decades. When replacing a roof, it’s not only the underlayment and top material that must be kept in mind, ventilation is extremely important as well.  Aspects of ventilation include –

  • Intake ventilation (such as vented soffits)
  • Exhaust ventilation (Turtle type vents, ridge venting, whirlybirds etc.)

These are among the features one can find atop a roof. During a roof replacement, the vents should be replaced. While the chimney will not be replaced, the flashing around it might be if needed, and these components will need to be properly installed to ensure they do not provide a path for water to leech in, damaging the wood sheathing below. A roofing company that takes pride in their work will not risk improperly installing a roof and all its elements simply because it will save them some time.

Despite all the factors discussed above, the answer to the question “Can a roof be replaced in one day?” is yes. However, it is not guaranteed. While the prospect of a big project such as a roof replacement being done quickly is appealing, the health of the home, the safety of the workers, and the quality of the end product must be paramount. While the general process of roof replacement is consistent, and skilled crews are experts in efficiency, each roof simply presents its own individual challenges, some of which are quick to address, and some of which may take more time.

Luckily, Hubbard Roofing specializes in delivering the best product, on time to our customers, while maintaining our dedication to safety and professionalism.

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