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The Cost of Replacing a Roof in Calgary

The cost of a roof replacement in Calgary will vary depending on your unique circumstances. For instance, during your replacement, will you require new materials because this can affect the cost. Along similar lines, the question, “are you replacing the entire roof or just a damaged section?” will also be relevant and change the expected value of the roof replacement. 

Therefore, the cost of roof replacement in Calgary is nebulous and will change based on a number of associated factors. Instead of trying to find the exact cost, you may be better off to come up with a suitable plan of action and spend your time honing in on the right company to perform the repairs.

Planning Your Calgary Roof Replacement

When you begin planning your roof replacement, you will probably need the advice of a qualified Calgary roofer, but that doesn’t mean you should wait idly. Instead, take some time to visit your roof and perform a layperson’s inspection to prepare you with questions to ask your chosen roofing company and give you an idea of the scope of the project.

During your inspection, check any accessories on your roof, including eavestroughs, vents, and chimneys. Make sure that they don’t appear damaged, or note the damage for later reference. Next, examine the body of the roof and note any areas that have visual damage. Of course, if there is damage to the roof’s internal layers, you may not be able to see them, but having an idea of the number of shingles and wear-through will still be of benefit. 

Finally, take some time to consider the size and shape of your roof. Roof replacement is a significant investment, so if you have any areas that you want to change or renew, now is the time to consider them. This will help you discuss knowledgeably with your chosen roofing company. Speaking of which:

Choosing the Right Roofing Company

Naturally, a significant factor in the cost of your roof replacement will be the company that you choose to do the work. Some companies will charge more for the experience and knowledge they bring to the table, and some will charge less to get more work. For you, choosing your company should be based on a relationship of trust and mutual respect.


It may not seem like the most cost-effective way to make a decision, but choosing the cheapest company can lead to all sorts of issues. Instead, call a few companies and try to form a connection with them during their appraisal process. Likely, you will find the company that you enjoy the most is also the most honest, upfront and trustworthy as well, which typically translates into significant savings and your personal satisfaction with a job well done. 

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