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The Cost to Re-Shingle a Roof in Calgary

One of the areas that many people overlook, especially new homeowners, is the roof. This wonderful addition to the home gives us the true feeling of shelter that humans so regularly seek. Still, it does not receive the credit it deserves. However, the unfortunate part of this lack of appreciation is the staggering effect of [...]

How To Repair Vinyl Siding

Calgary siding repair differs in terms of difficulty and time spent. However, if your siding is not overly damaged, the process is pretty straightforward and will be over before you know it. Although it is worth noting that if you are not comfortable with home repairs, then there are many qualified professionals who can assist [...]

The Cost of Replacing a Roof in Calgary

The cost of a roof replacement in Calgary will vary depending on your unique circumstances. For instance, during your replacement, will you require new materials because this can affect the cost. Along similar lines, the question, “are you replacing the entire roof or just a damaged section?” will also be relevant and change the expected [...]

How To Find A Leak In A Roof

Leaks are often considered the worst problem a roofing system can face. They are indicative of further damage, cause damage to personal belongings, and can be a real hassle to fix or correct.  Luckily, roof repairs in Calgary are not often needed for leaky roofs. This is because roofs are a system of layers that [...]

A Leaky Roof is Avoidable

Your roof is the first line of defense to keep water out of your Calgary home and should be treated as an important part of your exterior system.  A roof leak can be caused by several factors including: the age of your roof the way it was installed how your home is venting, and the [...]

James Hardie Siding Trends 2020

James Hardie siding, often referred to as "Hardie board", continues to grow in popularity for Calgary homeowners.  This fiber cement siding is durable, long-lasting, low maintenance and can add a big impact to your homes exterior.  Designing an exterior can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be.  There are great resources available to help [...]

Attic Rain in Calgary

Attic rain is a news worthy topic in Calgary, Alberta during the winter months and for good reason.  It is more common than homeowners realize and often goes undetected until water is found in light fixtures or damage is visible on the ceiling.  It is important for homeowners to understand what causes attic rain and [...]

Winter Roof Replacement in Calgary

A popular question we get asked as the fall weather settles in is "Can I Replace my Roof in the Winter?" and we reply with a confident "Yes!". It’s a common misconception that roof replacements are seasonal, especially in Southern Alberta.  Many homeowners are in a rush to have their roofs replaced in the spring [...]

Exterior Home Makeover in Woodbine

We are so excited to reveal this exterior home makeover in the community of Woodbine (Calgary, AB). The homeowners were amazing to work with and we love the vision they had for their home.  The bulk of this reno took about 6 weeks with a custom door adding an additional 2 weeks on to the [...]

3 Things You Need To Know About Roof Replacements

Replacing your roof is a fantastic way to invest in protecting your property, as it can reduce the risk of water damage occurring in your home. Before you decide to commit to the installation of a new roof, it is important to understand exactly what roof replacement involves. Here are three questions Calgary homeowners most often ask about roof replacement, along with the answers you need. […]