Types of siding

The Aesthetic Appeal of Modern Types of Siding

When it comes to fortifying your home against the elements and boosting curb appeal, the choice of siding material is paramount. This blog post explores various types of siding, highlighting their unique features and how they can elevate both the protection and aesthetics of your home.


Vinyl Siding: Affordable & Versatile

Vinyl siding is a cost-effective and versatile choice for homeowners. While not the most durable, its familiarity, cost and wide range of colours make it a popular option. Despite being prone to hail damage, vinyl siding remains a reliable, economical choice for those seeking variety in design.  Vinyl siding comes in horizontal, vertical and board & batten options as well as a variety of profiles (D45 vs D45D).


Insulated Vinyl Siding: Enhanced Insulation

For an upgrade, insulated vinyl siding offers improved home insulation and durability. The integration of insulation into the panel enhances temperature control and contributes to energy savings. Although not the most robust, it strikes a balance between enhanced protection and the colour variety of traditional vinyl.


SmartSide Trim: Durability and Customization

Engineered hardwood like SmartSide Trim boasts exceptional durability, with a 50-year warranty. Unlike vinyl, it can be repainted, providing flexibility in changing your home’s look. Despite a higher cost, the investment pays off with longevity and quality, offering homeowners a durable and customizable option.


James Hardie Siding: Strength and Quality Control

James Hardie siding, commonly referred to as Hardie Board or fibre- cement siding, is extremely robust and handles a wide variety of elements, including fire and hail. The in-house painting process ensures consistent quality and the 30-year warranty justifies its higher cost. Hardie Board siding combines strength and curb appeal making it a popular option for homeowners looking to update the exterior of their home.  Popular James Hardie profiles include the traditional horiztonal layout, board & batten and panels.


Natural Wood Siding: Timeless Aesthetics

For an authentic look, natural wood siding remains a classic choice despite its higher cost and maintenance requirements. The ability to easily change the look through paint or stain adds to its appeal, making it a timeless option for those who prioritize authenticity.


Metal Siding: Low Maintenance and Durability 

Metal siding, including aluminum and steel, is gaining popularity for its durability and low maintenance. While the upfront cost may be higher, the longevity and resistance to bugs, mold, and fire make it a sustainable option. Despite potential rust and dents, its environmental friendliness and recyclability make it a compelling choice.


Choosing the Right Siding Material for Your Home

Selecting the right type of siding material involves considering factors such as budget, maintenance, and desired aesthetics. Each option has its unique features and understanding the pros and cons can guide homeowners toward the best choice for their needs. Whether prioritizing affordability, durability, or a premium appearance, investing in quality siding enhances protection and elevates visual appeal for years to come.


To Conclude

Modern siding options not only protect your home but also contribute significantly to its curb appeal. Whether opting for the affordability of vinyl, the durability of fiber cement, the timeless aesthetic of natural wood, or the low maintenance of metal, the right siding can transform your home’s exterior. By understanding the features of each type of siding, you can better prepare yourself to make informed decisions that align with your budget and design preferences. Investing in quality siding alongside a durable and attractive asphalt or Euroshield roof, and you’ll not only enhance your home’s protection but also elevate its visual appeal for years to come. For any further questions regarding your home’s siding, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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