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How To Fix A Leaky Gutter Corner

Gutters are vital for directing water away from your roof and foundation. Therefore, it is frustrating when a leak occurs, especially when it’s in the gutter corners.  

Why does this happen? What can you do about it? We explain the reasons behind a leaky gutter corner, how you can repair it, and why roof maintenance can solve the problem in the first place. 

Why Are Calgary Gutter Corners So Problematic? 

Gutter corners are the most common spots where leaks can form. The key reason is that corners consist of two affixed pieces that connect, and therefore, the seam is at a natural weak point. Many factors can enhance the leaking in this spot, including: 

  • Poor quality of the gutter installation
  • Used and old gutters 
  • Insufficient or inadequate sealant application
  • Ice and snow pressure
  • The expansion and contraction of the gutters 

While it might not seem like a problem, a leaky gutter corner can put unnecessary pressure on your whole eavestrough system, resulting in damages to your roof and siding. 


How To Repair A Leaky Gutter Corner in Calgary  

If you do have a consistent gutter corner leak, it’s highly recommended that you seal it promptly before it becomes worse. 

Here is how to properly fix your gutter corner: 

  1. Thoroughly clean your gutters. We recommend using a garden hose to flush out all the debris that has accumulated.
  2. To identify the exact point of the leak, spray your hose down the gutter to find the spot. 
  3. Remove the existing sealant or caulking from the gutters with a putty knife. Please do not add more caulking to the old as it will not provide you with the protection you expect. 
  4. Clear away all the remaining debris of the caulking. Make sure your gutters are clean and clear. 
  5. Take your sealant of choice (we advise using gutter seal), and apply it directly over the seams where the leak is occurring. If the hole is large, you may need to replace your gutters, and a professional recommendation is encouraged.
  6. Do the same for multiple corners if you have more than one leak. 

While the above process might seem simple, many issues and risks can arise. That’s why repairing the gutter is not a DIY job. Fixing a gutter corner is best handled by a professional roofing company

How To Prevent A Leaky Gutter Corner 

By undertaking routine roofing maintenance in Calgary, you can reduce the risks of gutter corner leaks occurring. Having a professional roofing contractor inspect your roof and gutters twice a year, most notably after the winter and summer months, can ensure your eavestrough system remains functional, won’t damage your home and increase curb appeal.

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