Can You Do Roof Repairs in Winter?

Many people find themselves with roofing problems in the colder months and wonder if they should wait until it gets warmer. Their logic is that “it’s difficult to handle roof repairs in the winter” and that “roofers prefer not to work in the cold”. 

But that isn’t the right answer. 

If your roof requires repairs in the winter, you should get them in the winter. Leaving it will only risk further problems in the future.

Here’s why.  


What to Know About Roofing in Winter in Calgary & Edmonton 

Let’s face it: winter in Calgary, Edmonton and Alberta in general, is tough. You can experience cold winds, large dumps of snow and shivering cold snaps, all of which take their toll on your roof, resulting in extensive damage. 

Some of the most common signs of roofing damage in the winter include:

  • Missing or cracked shingles
  • Leaks in the walls, ceiling or attic 
  • Loss of granules in the shingles 
  • Holes or dips in the roof 
  • Broken down gutters
  • Water pooling in roofing areas

What does this mean if you have any of the signs?

Simple: get your roof repaired ASAP! 




Leaving your roof to suffer through the winter will not lead to more damages but more expensive repairs. In some cases, you might end up replacing the whole roof. 


The Key Challenges to Roofing in Winter

When it comes to undertaking roofing repairs (or even a roof replacement in some severe cases), a few key challenges have to be addressed. 

Safety Aspects 

There is no doubt that there are certain safety requirements for undertaking roof repairs in the winter. 


As roofers are more likely to slip and fall due to slippery and ice-covered roofs, harnesses, hooks, equipment and gear are required to ensure roofers can administer repairs safely and securely. There is also the chance the leftover snow and ice can fall on roofers, causing serious injury. 

It’s important to find a roofer that adheres to strict safety standards. 


Technical Issues 

There are a lot of technical issues that can arise with your roof, including the roof material, the effects of the snow and how it impacts the actual work. 


One example would be asphalt shingles, which can become brittle when exposed to colder weather and lose their flexibility. The roofer will also have to consider how to properly store the materials during the cold season.

Another example would be how certain tools – like nail guns – need to be accommodated to ensure they are used effectively in cold weather. There is also the additional prep work required for other tools, equipment and the worksite itself. 


Find A Roofer with Winter Experience 

As you can see, there are plenty of technical and safety issues that can arise when administering roof repairs in the winter. That’s why you have to hire a roofing contractor in Calgary that has the experience and knowledge to handle roof repairs in the winter. 


The best course of action is to speak to them, asking about their previous work with roofs in the dead of winter. Enquire about their approach to roofing in winter and the steps they take to ensure your roof will be repaired while your home is safe in the winter.

Or, you can just contact Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors!

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