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3 Window Styles That Add Light and Space to Your Home


Windows offer an easy way to bring light into any interior space. The light makes the entire room feel bigger and gives it a light and airy feel. If you are doing a home renovation, upgrading your windows should be part of the project. It is the perfect way to transform a room without expanding its footprint.
Here are three window styles you should consider adding to your home for more light and space:

Fixed Windows

For maximum light, fixed windows are the answer. They come in several shapes and sizes, and they normally don’t have divided glass so that you get the maximum amount of sunlight possible. Because they are so versatile, you can use them in any room of your home, from the living room to the bathroom.

Bay and Bow Windows

Another way to add light to a room is with a bay or a bow window. With a bay window, you have a large picture window in the front with two smaller ones on the sides. With a bow window, there are four or five equally sized windows set in a curve. The multiple openings allow a lot of light in, plus the extension of the window towards the exterior helps open the space up.


If you have interior spaces that are dark and have no access to natural light, skylights offer the perfect solution. You can install skylights to illuminate the darkest spaces in your home. They are also great to bring additional light into rooms that already have windows for natural illumination. Skylights open up the ceiling, creating more visual space above, making the room below seem larger. They also give you natural light without compromising privacy, especially if you live in a neighborhood where houses are close together.

New windows offer other benefits besides bringing light into a space. The latest generation of windows is built to be energy efficient which helps lower your monthly bills. They are more weather-tight than their predecessors, which keeps drafts from blowing through the house. Many have built-in UV protection to prevent fading of interior fabrics.

If you want to learn more about upgrading your space with new windows, call on the Hubbard team. We have been providing exceptional products and service to our Calgary neighbors since 1985. We want to be your partner in achieving the home of your dreams.

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