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Natural Lighting Options To Fit Anywhere In Your Home

If you have always wanted more natural lighting in your home, but there just isn’t room for more windows, skylight installation is a good option to consider.

Skylight installation can bring more natural light into any area of your home. Plus, you don’t lose any privacy when you put a skylight into locations like the bathroom. Even if you have areas of your home that don’t seem accessible, skylight installation is possible. And you get benefits on your energy bills because skylights bring in natural light so you won’t need nearly as much artificial lighting. If you are considering skylight installation, here are a few types to consider.

Fixed Skylights

These skylights are perfect for hallways or stairwells that are dark and dreary. You don’t need to open them, but you do want natural light in that area. The skylight brings in natural light and is an energy efficient option.

Solar Powered Skylight

These skylight installation options include a solar power that charges a battery and operates the control system on the skylight. That system is fully concealed but can open and close the skylight as you wish without electrical wires.

Manual Venting Skylight

This installation of this skylight needs to be in a location where you can reach it since you can manually open the skylight to let fresh air in. You also get natural light, but you can open the skylight on a nice day and enjoy the breeze as well.

Sun Tunnels

There might be some rooms in your house that only have light from light bulbs and no windows at all. Sun tunnels offer natural light and they are easy to install without changing the structure of the home. They blend into the ceiling and are attractive in any location.

Whether you know the perfect location in your home for skylight installation, or you want a skylight and you aren’t sure where it should go, contact Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors. We’ll go over the different types of skylight installation options we carry and ensure that you get just the right skylight for your home.

We want you to have the natural light you need and if you want ventilation, that’s an option as well. Give us a call and let’s get into your goals and other details to make the best decisions.

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