Winter Roofing

Winter Roofing in Alberta

Winter in Alberta is known for its unforgiving, harsh conditions, with homeowners often questioning whether it’s safe to undertake roofing projects during this season. When it comes to roof maintenance, questions arise about the safety of working on a roof covered in snow and potentially ice. For roof repair and replacements, aside from the safety aspect, there may be concerns about shingle adhesive not activating, or ice and snow working their way underneath the roof and into the house. While winter roofing in Alberta comes with challenges, it’s important to understand that with proper preparation and the right roofing contractor, it can be a viable option for your roofing needs. In this comprehensive guide to winter roofing in Alberta, we’ll explore everything you need to know about roof maintenance, repair, and replacement in this unique and challenging season.

The Challenges of Roofing in Winter

Snow is an ever-present challenge during Alberta’s winter months. Whether it’s on your walkway, driveway, car, or roof, snow brings with it a number of inconveniences that you won’t experience at any other time of year. 

Snow Removal

When dealing with snow, before roof work begins, professional roofers take precautions to ensure safety and productivity. They use spiked shoes and secure safety equipment to remove snow from the roof. A typical practice is to tear off only what can be replaced in a day, ensuring that the roof is never left exposed during snowfall or bad weather. 7-29

Shingles and Cold Weather

Shingles can become more brittle in cold temperatures, requiring special care during installation. Experienced roofers, such as those at Hubbard Roofing and Exteriors, are essential to ensure that the proper attention is paid to every aspect of installation.

Ice Management

Oftentimes homeowners notice that their roof has an issue due to observing ice buildup during the winter. If left unattended, ice buildup can lead to ice dams and serious roof damage. While it is wise to address this issue as soon as possible, working on a roof covered in ice is an intimidating prospect. That is why roofing professionals are dedicated to upholding the highest safety practices while working in winter.

The Blessing of Chinooks

Alberta’s well-known chinooks offer roofers a tremendous window for work amidst the icy grip of winter. Affectionately called “snow eater” by the Blackfoot people, chinooks originate on the west coast and blow eastward, cooling over the Rocky Mountains and then rapidly heating as they gust into the prairies approaching Calgary. As asphalt shingles require a temperature between 7℃ and 29℃ for their tar strip adhesive to activate, chinooks are lifesavers as they raise the air temperature into the range required.

Roof Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement in Winter

If your roof requires maintenance, repair, or replacement during the winter months, it is essential to work with a professional roofing contractor who has experience in cold-weather roofing. Roof repairs should be addressed promptly to prevent further damage. While roof replacements are possible during winter, they involve a more extensive and slow process.

In conclusionWinter roofing in Alberta may present its own set of challenges but with the right knowledge, preparation, and with a professional contractor, winter can still be a viable time to address your roofing needs. Proper snow management, paying attention to safety, and taking proper care of materials are essential to maintaining the integrity of your roof during the colder months. Remember that addressing roofing issues promptly, regardless of the season, can prevent more extensive damage and costly repairs in the future. If you’re considering a roofing project this winter, Hubbard has got you covered.

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