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What Should I Do Following A Hail Storm?

Hail storms are an unfortunate part of living in the Calgary area. While these storms usually don’t last long, they can do a tremendous amount of damage to your roof.

After a hail storm passes through the area, how do you know if your roof needs any repairs? Keep the following tips in mind on what to do following one of these storms.

Hail Damage

Hail can leave unsightly dents in your roof or cause more serious damage which can make your home vulnerable to leaks. It’s important to have your roof checked after a hail storm to see if you have any damage needing repair. Having this done promptly helps reduce the risk of ending up with a major leak in your home. Keep in mind it isn’t always easy to spot damage from these storms just by looking up at your roof for dents or other visible signs. If you leave hail damage untreated, you could be shortening your roof’s lifespan.

Have a Roof Inspection Done

The first step you should take is having a professional come to your home to do a roof inspection. This inspection involves checking your roof all over for any signs of damage. While you can take a quick look from the ground to see if there are any dents, you won’t be able to spot other signs of damage from there. Having a professional go up there provides a safe way to assess hail damage. After the inspection is done, the professional should provide you with a detailed report at no charge. You can submit this form to your homeowner’s insurance company if you’re planning on filing a claim.

Schedule Repairs

If your roof is in good shape after a hail storm, you won’t need to do anything. However, if the inspection shows hail caused even minor damage to your roof, you should hire a roofing contractor to make repairs. Minor damage from hail may not seem urgent, but it can put your roof at risk of developing more serious problems, especially if another hail storm comes along. Having any damage fixed will provide you with peace of mind and helps keep your roof in good condition.

If you need an inspection after a hail storm, contact Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors. Our roofing experts in Calgary provide superior service.

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