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“They got better and better” – How Hubbard Achieved Elite Status

Hubbard Roofing and Exteriors has served Calgarians for almost 35 years. Started as a roofing company, Hubbard soon added siding to their slate of services and has now installed siding in Calgary for 25 years.

Bjorn Delblanc, a former renovation expert for James Hardie Building Products and of Blue Jay Renos in Edmonton, was able to see the company’s legacy first hand when he worked for James Hardie in Alberta.

“Because they’ve been in business for so long, they’ve got addresses for all their previous customers in Calgary,” says Bjorn. “You can see their work from years ago, and it’s a powerful thing to go check out that past work.”

When Bjorn first approached Hubbard to increase their comfort, installing James Hardie siding products, he encountered a company keen to learn and grow.

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“Hubbard was very open to change and was open to trying new stuff,” says Bjorn. “They were very receptive and good listeners.”

This enthusiasm to improve was evident to Bjorn as he coached Hubbard’s exterior experts and Hardie Board installers. 

“They listened, and they learned really quickly, and they sought my feedback. They didn’t just wait for my feedback. They were actively making sure that they were getting better as they were doing it,” says Bjorn.

As a result, the quality of their James Hardie siding projects improved significantly. So much so that they achieved a status claimed by only one other Calgary siding contractor.

“Every time I went to their houses, they got better and better,” says Bjorn. “It’s culminated in them achieving Elite Preferred contractor status for James Hardie.”

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“That’s the top-level that a renovation contractor could achieve on the James Hardie Contractor Alliance program, and there’s only seven or eight in Canada,” says Bjorn.

Elite Preferred status is not easy to secure or maintain. To be eligible, a contractor must maintain a certain level of work. 

“You have to do 18 jobs a year,” says Bjorn. “An Elite Preferred Contractor with Hardie also has to maintain a high standard of customer service.”

According to Bjorn, “Hardie uses a company called Guild Quality to do third-party customer surveys for every project you enter in their system.” This means that these customer ratings are much more trustworthy than the average review you find online.

These two requirements – volume and quality of work – make Elite Preferred status so challenging to achieve.

“You can’t make Elite Preferred if you’re not doing lots of work with Hardie, which is important for the experience aspect, and also making your customers happy throughout the process.”

This status shows that even after nearly 35 years in business, Hubbard continues to set high standards for exterior renovations in Calgary.

Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors is your trusted Calgary roofing company. Since 1985, we have been providing customers with top-quality roofing in Calgary, specializing in roof replacement, siding repair, and roof repairs. As a family operated and owned business, we have established ourselves as a trusted source of high-quality work. When you choose Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors, you are not just a customer; you are part of the family. For a free quote on your roofing in Calgary, call us at 403-995-0677.

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