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Why The Hubbard Difference Matters For You

5 Ways Our Mentality Of Excellence Adds Value To Your Project

Running a roofing and home improvement company is like running a marathon. It’s tempting to constantly look over your shoulder to see what the other guy is doing. But the smart move is to keep your mental focus on your own performance. Focus matters because focus helps produce exceptional results.

At Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors, our focus is trained on the five ways our mentality of excellence adds real value to our customers’ projects. These key differentiators are:

Locally owned and operated

We’re a family business and have been serving homeowners in the Calgary area for more than 30 years. This means we’re in the enviable position of now serving a second generation of homeowners who turn to us based on our reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.

Synonymous with superior workmanship

This is what our many happy customers say, and we’re happy to pass along the accolade. Talk with them and review our expansive portfolio to see for yourself what they’re talking about. Our reputation for perfectionism is well-deserved, partly because our teams undergo training every year to stay current in their field and on top of the latest design and safety trends.

Workmanship guarantees

On some projects, lifetime warranty coverage is available. Our teams know they provide quality work to meet the highest standards and stand the test of time. Our guarantees extend peace of mind to homeowners, who are sometimes apprehensive about how a project will turn out, especially if they’re new to home improvement work.

Licensed and insured

This is no small attribute. General liability insurance protects the property our teams work on, just in case an accident should occur. Workers compensation covers the employees, just in case they incur an injury. We’ll never understand why, but when we glance over our shoulder we notice some home improvement companies work without insurance. This leaves homeowners vulnerable to costly claims.

Professional and knowledgeable teams

We keep customers apprised of what’s going on with their project and are always happy to answer questions. We are excited to be a resource to help homeowners learn about their homes and become better caretakers.

More than mere qualities, these attributes define Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors as we embarked on our quest to serve the Calgary area more than 30 years ago. You too can experience the Hubbard difference by contacting us to schedule an appointment for any of your home improvement needs.

5 Reasons Why Our Clients Trust Their Home Projects To Us

When you are working on an important home project, you want to trust the company you work with. Your home is important to you and making changes can be nerve-wracking. It doesn’t have to be when you work with someone you trust. Here are just five of the reasons clients trust Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors with their important home projects.

A+ BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau takes it upon themselves to protect consumers from certain businesses–and reveal the best businesses in each industry. It isn’t easy to get an A+ rating, but we have it…in addition to many authentic, positive online reviews.

Competitive Prices

You want the highest quality but also want to stay in budget when you work on your home. If you find a lower price on identical products, we’ll match it. We want you to get a fair price for every project.

Earth-Friendly Elements

We work on roofing projects each and every day. When we tear off a roof and replace it there is a lot of wasted material. It really adds up. But you can trust us to help the environment as we recycle over 90% of the roofing material waste every year.

Storm Damage Specialists

When your roof or another area of your home is damaged in a storm, it can be a real pain to work with your insurance company. All you really need to do is call us and we can work with them and get the project completed for you without any worries on your end. We work with insurance companies all the time and know just what to do.

Post Inspection Perfection

We want only the highest standards maintained on every job. Once the project is complete, it will go through a post-inspection to make sure you get nothing but the best.

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