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How To Finance A Roof Replacement

Undertaking a roof replacement is, unfortunately, not a cheap endeavour. But it is a necessary one. 


Roof replacements ensure that your roof is in premium condition for decades to come, reducing costly repairs and maintenance while also upgrading the value and curb appeal of your home.

Financing such a project requires a bit of effort to ensure you find a deal that works for you while getting the roof that works best for your home. 


Here’s how you can do it. 

Your Guide to Financing Your Roof Replacement  


Get a Quote 

First thing is first: you need to get a quote to know how much your roof replacement project will cost you. To ensure you get the right figure, consider the following:

  • The materials you want for your new roof 
  • The timeline in which you want it done 
  • How much you can afford 


Present the above information to your roofing company, so they can provide you with a detailed estimate on how much your roof will cost you while also seeing if they can cater to your individual preferences. 

You can judge from there if you need to adapt your choices or budget.


Find a Roofing Company that Offers Financing Options… 

If the Calgary roofer proposes financing through lenders, see what they offer regarding interest rates, loans and payment plans. Not only will that streamline your search, but it can save you the hassle of finding and working with other lenders. 


In many cases, these lenders offer better deals, particularly if you work with one of their nominated roofing companies. Take, for example, Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors. 

We can partner you with SNAP Home Finance and Financeit, offering you affordable monthly payments that fit your budget without penalties for paying it off early. It’s also easier to apply for, requiring only a government-issued ID and a blank cheque or direct deposit form.


For more information, read our financing service here

How to finance roof replacement

…As Well As One That Works with Insurance Companies 

If you could get your insurance company to pay for your new roof replacement, then why not? 


Make sure you double-check the fine print of your home insurance policy to determine if and how much you can get covered for your new roof.

If you can get it covered, make sure you work with a roofing company that has experience dealing and working with insurance providers. 


It can be troublesome and complex to handle insurance claims, so working with a roofer that has the expertise and knowledge in doing it can make your life easier. 

For more information on how Hubbard can help you with insurance claims, click here


Other Financing Options

Use Your Savings – If you have enough money stored in your savings account, you can use it to find your roof replacement. Or, you can use part of it and obtain the rest through a financial institution. 


Take Out a Loan from Your Bank – Banks are more than willing to provide you with a loan for your roof replacement. Just make sure that you’re getting a good deal out of it when you apply for it. 

Put On Your Credit Line – Another banking option that works for you. Placing your roof replacement on your credit line can be a viable financing option, depending on the interest rate. It’s best to speak to your bank before applying for it. 

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