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How To Choose The Best Siding For Your Calgary Home

Your Calgary neighbors, we are sure, would be happy to share their opinions about which siding is best for your home. We are equally sure they will say whatever their home is clad with is what you should have. How do you choose what siding is truly best for your own home?

Cost Effectiveness

At Hubbard Exteriors we offer not one, but five choices in home siding:

  1. Steel Siding
  2. Insulated Vinyl Siding
  3. Aluminum Siding
  4. Vinyl Siding
  5. Composite or Fiber Cement Siding

Cost-effectiveness is different for every customer. It is based on the cost to buy and install the siding of your choice, divided by the number of years you plan to own your Calgary home.

Vinyl siding tends toward the inexpensive end, but may not outlast stouter stuff. Insulated vinyl siding improves your energy efficiency. Fiber cement (composite) siding costs a bit more at installation but wears well.

Available Colors

Perhaps you have an artistic eye and color is paramount. In this case, consider the method of coloring your chosen siding. Take into consideration the finish which protects the color.

Some materials have the color mixed in, as with vinyl and fiber cement siding. Others have it sprayed on, then protected with a finish coat.


No siding lasts forever, and each material has its pluses. Steel siding wears like, well, steel. It is durable, fireproof, and finely finished. Fiber cement siding is incredibly strong but can crack on blunt impact.

Vinyl siding will not flake, chip or peel, but it can be affected by heat. Aluminum siding, like its stronger material steel, wears very well but can dent somewhat easily.

Curb Appeal

What do home buyers want in a Calgary home? They want neat, clean-looking exteriors which show pride of place. They want harmonious color schemes, where the siding is set off by the trim. Vinyl siding and fiber cement siding rank high, says renovation website Modernize.

Energy Efficiency

According to Siding Pricing Guides, aluminum, steel and vinyl siding all have R-values of around 0.61. Insulated siding is a great boon for improving your home’s energy efficiency, increasing it to around R-3.

Whatever siding you choose, the material is only part of the solution. Select a first-class company like Hubbard Exteriors to install your siding properly. Contact us today to learn more about the best choice in siding, and siding companies, for your Calgary home.

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