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How Your Home Benefits From A New Eavestrough System

Water is your home’s natural enemy. It can rust metal. It causes wood to swell and rot. It pulls minerals out of concrete. It helps create the perfect environment for mold and pests. For these reasons alone, keeping water away from your home should be a priority and a new eavestrough system can help.

Protect Your Home

Your roof catches most of the rain that hits your home. That water has to go somewhere. If you don’t have gutters on your home, it is going to pour off the edge of the roof and down the sides of your home. Over time, this pouring water can erode the soil, which can lead to foundation problems or a flooded basement.

What Do Gutters Protect?

Eavestroughs help prevent all of this from happening. The water flowing off the roof gets captured before it hits the ground. The gutter guides the water through the drain pipes and away from your foundation. This protects the entire home from potential water damage.

If your gutters are old and clogged, the water my build up and pour over the edge. This may not seem like a huge deal, but think about where the eavestrough is installed. If the water is overflowing over one side of the gutter, it is trying to do the same on the other side. The problem is that the inside edge of your roof is on this side of the gutter. The water can damage and soak into your fascia or up under shingles, causing water damage to your roof’s decking and structure.

What About My Old Eavestroughs?

Most homes these days already have gutters installed. Why should you consider putting up new ones if you have an existing system?

Eavestroughs have a limited lifespan. They are continuously beaten by the sun, rain, and snow. They carry tons of water through every rainstorm and blizzard. Over time, the gutters can start to sag, develop rust holes, and start leaking.

It is time to replace your old gutters when you see any of the following:

  • You hear the drips during and after every rainfall.
  • In winter, you find icicles hanging from drip spots.
  • More water is coming out of the gutter’s seams than flowing down the drain pipe.

When Should You Install New Eavestroughs?

The decision to install new gutters depends on your home and the condition of your existing system.

Many homeowners decide to upgrade their eavestrough system when doing a roof replacement or making major roof repairs. The team is already there and can do it as part of the larger project. However, gutters can be replaced at any time. If your old eavestroughs are showing wear, you should have the replaced promptly. You don’t want to risk water damage to your foundation.

If you want a professional assessment of your eavestrough system, call on the reliable professionals here at Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors. We offer consultations regarding the condition of your gutter system. Call today to set an appointment.

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