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Dark Room? Add a Skylight for Beautiful, Natural Light

Getting the right amount of daylight is essential for health and well being; it improves moods and helps fight SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  We may not have to worry about SAD while living in Canada’s sunniest province, but all the more reason to take full advantage of this natural mood booster!

The vertical windows on your home are wonderful, but a window on the roof can deliver 2x more natural light and are a great option for homes with houses on either side, or that face north.    Enter skylights, roof windows and sun tunnels.


Skylight in Calgary


  • 4 options available:
    • Fixed – Great for hallways and stairwells
    • Manual Venting – Installed within reach, allows air to be circulated
    • Electric Venting – Installed out of reach, sensor close in inclement weather
    • Solar Powered – Installed out of reach, stores energy to operate, sensor close
  • Available for most roof pitches, including flat roofs

Roof Windows

  • Available in a variety of hinge options
  • Designed for “in reach” applications
  • Manual open and close

Sun Tunnels

  • Excellent option for bathrooms, hallways and other spaces with no natural light
  • Designed to pass from roof to ceiling
  • Installed with a ceiling diffuser to blend unnoticed into the ceiling
  • Rigid or flexible options

A skylight, roof window or sun tunnel can be installed at anytime but the most convenient time is when your roof is being replaced.  Both a manufacturer and workmanship warranty is included and details of the manufacturers warranty can be found on the VELUX website here.

For additional information on the types of skylights, roof windows and sun tunnels available, as well as photos of each, visit our Skylight page.

All of our skylight products are supplied by VELUX.  For over 75 years, VELUX has been bringing natural light and fresh air to homeowners.  VELUX has the best selection on Energy Star certified skylights and sun tunnels, which have been rigorously tested to perform in the harshest climates.

VELUX Certified Installer Banner
VELUX Certified Installer - Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors

Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors is a VELUX VIP Installer which means we are qualified to install your skylight correctly.  We specialize in skylight and sun tunnel installation and will ensure the job is complete from start to finish, including any interior work that is required.

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