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3 Things You Need To Know About Roof Replacements

Replacing your roof is a fantastic way to invest in protecting your property, as it can reduce the risk of water damage occurring in your home. Before you decide to commit to the installation of a new roof, it is important to understand exactly what roof replacement involves. Here are three questions Calgary homeowners most often ask about roof replacement, along with the answers you need.

1. How Long Does Roof Replacement Take?

A team of experienced roofers can replace the roof of a regular-sized home in as little as one day. However, if your home is very large, the process can take longer. A typical home in Canada is between 1,000 and 2,000 square feet.

Roof replacement also takes longer if you work with a company who provides a very small crew. Make life a lot easier for yourself by choosing a roofing contractor with a sufficiently large and experienced team to get the job done quickly.

Note that bad weather can sometimes delay or interrupt roof replacement. This is because heavy rain can make it very dangerous for teams to work on a roof. Your contractor can give you an estimation of how long it will take to replace your roof. However, you need to remember it is not a guarantee because no one can be sure Calgary’s weather will remain fine throughout the process.

2. How Loud is Roof Replacement?

Some homeowners worry about how they will cope with the noise of roof replacement, while others underestimate the amount of noise. It is important to recognize that replacing a roof is not a quiet job. You will hear banging and other noise as a result of the people working on your roof. However, there are steps you can take to make the noise more bearable.

There is no need to move out of your home during roof replacement, but you might prefer to go out during the day, while the contractors are working on your roof. If you normally work from home, consider going into the office or a coffee shop instead. If you choose to stay in your home office, avoid scheduling phone or video meetings. If you have to work at home during the roof replacement, wear earplugs to reduce noise exposure and make it easier to concentrate.

Note that while you might be able to put up with noise, your pets will probably hate it. They do not understand what is happening and can feel threatened. Take your dog out for the day or leave your cat at a relative’s house until your new roof is ready.

Kids also find noise difficult to deal with, especially if they are still at the age where they need to take regular naps. Take them to a relative’s home if possible to shelter them from the noise.

3. How Often Do You Need to Replace a Roof?

Roof replacement is not a job you need to repeat very often. Once you have put up with a day or two of noise and mess in your yard, you can take comfort in the knowledge that your new roof will last for many years.

With regular maintenance, your new roof should give you years or even decades of reliable service. Ask your contractor about the type of maintenance your new roof requires. Every type of roof is different in terms of its maintenance requirements. For example, some roof types only require regular washing to keep them clean, whereas others will require you to replace broken shingles or tiles. Never go up on the roof yourself to carry out this maintenance. It is much safer to hire a skilled and fully insured contractor to do the maintenance for you.

Roof replacement can be temporarily inconvenient, but the mess and noise is worth it for the end result. If you are concerned about how the inconveniences will affect your life in the short term, the best solution is to work with a reputable local roofer. A good roofer will do everything they can to reduce the noise and hassle which comes along with roof replacement.

For roof replacement in Calgary, AB and the surrounding area, contact Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors today. Our roofing team is always ready to answer questions about the roof installation process. We are willing to work with you to minimize inconveniences as much as possible during the replacement of your Calgary roof, so do not hesitate to get in touch.

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