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James Hardie Siding Trends 2020

James Hardie siding, often referred to as “Hardie board”, continues to grow in popularity for Calgary homeowners.  This fiber cement siding is durable, long-lasting, low maintenance and can add a big impact to your homes exterior.  Designing an exterior can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.  There are great resources available to help you bring your vision to life, including home visualization tools where you can try out different siding colors, trims, roof colors etc. to help you create your desired exterior.

Below are some of the most popular James Hardie colors and trends.  Homeowners can choose from twenty popular (ready-to-order) colors from the Statement Collection or pick from over 700 unique (made-to-order) colors from the Dream Collection.

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Deep Ocean was a popular color in 2019 and we anticipate it is here to stay for 2020 as well.  This stunning blue siding pairs nicely with arctic white trims which really pop against the darker base.  Below are a couple of color combinations featured on the James Hardie website if you are looking for inspiration for your upcoming home exterior refresh.

House with James Hardie Plank in Deep Ocean and Arctic White Trims
James Hardie Plank in Deep Ocean and Arctic White Trims


A classic, clean exterior will always stand the test of time and an Arctic White home brings us the same joy as seeing a fresh snowfall on the Rocky Mountains.  For a modern take on a white home, consider vertical siding or adding elements of Hardie Shingle.  Wood accents such a garage door, front door, and/or soffits will add the farmhouse feel that exploded in popularity thanks to Joanna Gaines.

House with James Hardie Vertical Siding in Arctic White with grey trim
James Hardie Vertical Siding in arctic white with grey trim


This deep, bold shade provides an elegant yet dramatic look to a homes exterior.  This is another color that looks great paired with an Arctic White trim for a timeless finish.  Add black or wood accents to complete the look and get ready for a fresh new feel.

House with James Hardie Shingle Siding in iron gray with contrasting arctic white trims
James Hardie Shingle siding in iron gray with arctic white trims


Popular with farmhouse style and modern homes, we love the clean lines that vertical siding creates.  Vertical siding can be mixed with Hardie Plank (horizontal siding), Hardie Shingle, or will command attention on its own.

Homes with vertical siding in white and dark grey
Stunning Vertical Siding options


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James Hardie Logo
Photos and color scheme examples courtesy of Jameshardie.com

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