One of the areas that many people overlook, especially new homeowners, is the roof. This wonderful addition to the home gives us the true feeling of shelter that humans so regularly seek. Still, it does not receive the credit it deserves. However, the unfortunate part of this lack of appreciation is the staggering effect of ignoring your roof.

Many problems arise when you ignore your roof. In the worst situations, you will need a roof replacement in Calgary. However, even with lesser issues, the costs can quickly rise if not addressed promptly. Therefore, it is important to understand how the costs vary, and one of those price points is re-shingling your roof. 

What is Roof Reshingling?

Roof re-shingling is the process of hiring a roofing company to replace the protective outer layer of your roofing system. This job begins by removing all of the old shinglings and then affixing new shingles. In some cases, the task is as simple as removal and replacement, but complications can arise.


Elements Affecting Roof Reshingling Work

As an example, removing shingles can showcase problems in the layers that lie underneath. These layers consist of insulation, vapour barriers, and more. If you find an issue with the other layers, your best option is NOT to simply cover it up with new shingles. Instead, you will have to discover the extent of the damage and work with your roofing contractor to decide on a solution. 

However, interior damage is not the only issue that can affect your roof. There can also be the issue of hiring a roofing contractor who does not appreciate your time or your money. Indeed, it is a rare occurrence, but these concerns are valid. An easy way to increase the likelihood of this problem is by choosing the cheapest quote you receive. 

It may seem like a good choice at the time because you are saving money. Although it can ultimately lead to your roof replacement in Calgary extending for several months. And, it may cause your overall cost to skyrocket. You can avoid this by checking for favourable online reviews, receiving multiple quotes, and looking at the company’s past work.

The Cost of Roof Replacement or Reshingling

Typically, the cost of roof replacement or re-shingling will fit between $4,500 and $10,000. Aside from the factors above, there is also the size and pitch of your roof to consider. All of these factors make it difficult to assign an exact price, but asking for a quote from a reputable company will certainly achieve these results.

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