Calgary siding repair differs in terms of difficulty and time spent. However, if your siding is not overly damaged, the process is pretty straightforward and will be over before you know it. Although it is worth noting that if you are not comfortable with home repairs, then there are many qualified professionals who can assist you and make the process even simpler and more manageable.

Two Types of Calgary Siding Repair

Small Holes

Small holes are one of the easiest Calgary siding repairs. All you need is a tube of water-resistant caulking and a smoothing tool. To affect the repair, you just need to apply enough caulking to fill the hole, and then make it smooth with the flat side of your smoothing tool. 

For this repair, the most challenging part will be sourcing the right caulking material. If you can’t find a colour that perfectly matches your existing siding, consider purchasing matching paint instead. This choice can be much simpler and time-saving, but if you go this route, you may want to wait until you have multiple repairs as you can get more value from the materials if you do wait.

snow and icicles on the roof of an apartment house


For a patchwork repair, you will also need water-resistant caulking. Additionally, you will need a scrap piece of your siding and a cutting tool, such as tin snips or a utility knife. Again, the process should be relatively straightforward. First, cut your scrap piece of siding into a shape just larger than the hole you are going to patch. Then, compare the piece and make sure it will achieve a good fit. Finally, apply caulking around the perimeter of the patch and adhere it to your existing siding. 

For the best results, you can apply a second bead of caulking on your existing siding where the patch will sit. As well, if you do not have any scrap pieces of siding, don’t worry. Simply purchase siding that matches the style, and paint it to match, just like the caulking repair above.

How to Repair Large Vinyl Siding Issues

The process for repairing large damage is a bit more complex and requires specialized equipment. If your siding has significant issues that you want to fix, the best option is for you to contact a capable contractor and get a quote to complete the work. Truly, this will save you the time and money to repair it yourself, and you will always enjoy the results when you trust the professionals.

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