Have you experienced recent storm damage? From start to finish we can help you navigate the insurance process. Hubbard has extensive experience working with many insurance companies in Calgary and surrounding areas.

We will build you a complete claim file which includes:

  • HAAG certified inspection with documentation
  • Full photo reports for proof of loss
  • Representation during the claims process
  • On-site damage assessments with your insurance adjuster (if required)
  • Free estimates for all emergency repairs
  • Free, no obligation estimate for all repairs and replacements
  • Assistance in submitting your claim

Did You Know?

bigstock-Hail-on-the-roof-after-hailsto-186911227A claim that is accompanied by a certified inspection is less likely to be denied.

Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors provides additional warranties & upgrades that are often not offered by the insurance companies preferred contractor. Check out the Hubbard Difference for full details. Receiving a fair settlement from your insurance company is just as important as employing the right company to do the work.


Customer Testimonial

“Professional, efficient, and thorough service with great communication. We replaced our roof two years ago. One year later, we had major hail damage. While the insurance adjustor did not initially agree to replacing the roof, Kelly took the time to take photos, meet with the adjustor, and respectfully negotiate to get the work done. Crews were professional and hard-working, cleaned up thoroughly, and completed the work within a few days. Highly recommend!” Peggy in Calgary, AB

“Had extensive hail damage done to our home from a hail storm in Calgary, Alberta, in Aug 2018. Hubbard Roofing and Exteriors was right there when we called for an estimate to repair the roof eaves trough and fascia. We were treated like family and not over charged our gouged just because in was an insurance claim. The work was done quickly and it looks amazing.” Doug & Donna in Calgary, AB

“Very pleased with this company. We had hail damage to our roof and put in a call to Hubbard Roofing and within a few days we had someone here to do an assessment for us. We never had to deal with an insurance claim before but Kelly was absolutely great and walked us through all the steps. The work crew was great, everything was cleaned up perfectly and the job was completed in a single day. We also had some additional work done, eaves trough etc. and it was done in the same professional manner. Everyone we dealt with was absolutely great, extremely helpful and professional and the invoice was very clear and straightforward.” Lynn in Okotoks, AB

Most Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Insurance Claims

No. It is your legal right to select the company of your choice to do the repairs or replacements that are being covered by your insurance company. When choosing a company, do your homework. A great place to start is a company’s online reviews. We are finding it is no longer what we say about our company that matters, but what others say that carries the most weight.
Most insurance companies require that you report a possible claim within one year of the damage (although this can vary and we recommend you check your policy for your companies specific policy). You will also need to know the date of loss which is the date on which your home was damaged. An insurance company uses this date to see if your claim is within the required reporting period.
An adjuster will be out to look at your property, usually around 1-2 weeks after the claim is filed. If the adjuster finds a sufficient amounts of bruises or breaks in each test square you will be approved.
You are entitled to a re-inspection. Discrepancies happen and over the years we have come across quite a few.

Let us represent you. We can meet the adjuster onsite to go over our findings. You are entitled to have the contractor of your choice represent you during the claims process. Putting Hubbard on your side will help to expedite your claim and we will work diligently to get you a fair and amicable settlement.

In most cases the insurance company will reduce the original claim amount by 20% but in some cases the insurance company will give a full payout.

Within one year of accepting the payout your insurance company will contact you to confirm the repairs were completed. If you have not completed the repairs they will cancel coverage on items not repaired or replaced.

It is in your best interest to contact your insurance company and find out their policy on cash payouts.

This varies between insurance companies. The cheque may be payable to the contractor directly, it may be a co-payable cheque to you the homeowner and the contractor (which you would sign over after completion), or the cheque may be payable to you. However, you are always responsible for payment of your full deductible.