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Our summers are filled with thunderstorms often accompanied by heavy rain, strong winds and the potential for hail.  A leaking roof is the most common problem encountered by homeowners. A small leak can quickly escalate, causing damage to your roof’s decking and to the interior of your home if it is not repaired in a timely manner. We understand the stress caused by a leaking roof and will dispatch our emergency crew to your home to assess and fix the issue.

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All of our crews are equipped with the materials required to complete emergency repairs and our experienced team will work thoroughly and carefully to fix leaks and repair any damage to the exterior of your home.

At Hubbard we make it a priority to assess the damage quickly and start the repair process. Please call or fill out the Emergency Contact Form and a Hubbard representative will contact you as soon as possible.


  • Leaking roof, skylights, chimney etc.
  • Broken or leaking windows
  • Storm damage (hail, wind etc.)
  • Eaves pulling away from home
  • Warped siding
  • Fallen trees
  • Disconnected downspouts
  • Chance accidents
  • Insurance claims

In the event of an insurance claim, Hubbard Roofing will fully document the damage with a photo report to assist with your claim process. For more information please check out our Claims Assistance page.