With spring right around the corner, you may be looking for practical home upgrades to brighten your home’s curb appeal and light up its interior design. That’s exactly what our skylights and windows are designed to do–impart beauty and infuse light. Keep reading to look into how Hubbard Roofing skylights and exterior windows can be attractive new additions and features to your Calgary home.

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It’s always nice to turn the corner on winter weather. Hopefully, your home exterior made it through safely without a scratch from snow, ice and wind-blown debris. To be sure, set aside time on your calendar going into spring to properly inspect your home. Following are some home improvement and inspection tips to help you along.

Roof Inspection

Your roof takes a beating the year round, whether from the sun’s radiant heat, the weight of snow and ice, impacts from debris and–every roof’s foe–water. Look for any damaged shingles and flashing. Inspect your roof safely from the ground. Never climb onto it for safety reasons. Instead, call your roofing contractor.

Gutters and Eaves

The gutters and eaves of your roofing system perform a vital job. The gutters convey water away from the roof and your home’s foundation. Eaves help keep critters out of your attic and typically serve as ventilation ports.

Damaged or clogged gutters should be repaired or cleaned. Gutter problems contribute to ice dams and water seepage into your home. Make sure the eave vents aren’t blocked by insulation.

Windows, Doors and Siding

Are any of your windows and doors leaky and drafty? How about your siding? Are there gaps at corners or where siding meets the foundation wall? Sealing air leaks and cracks in your home’s exterior helps keep your energy bills under control and makes your home more comfortable.

  • Windows: Check for air leaks, cracked glass, working locks and that windows open and close properly.
  • Doors: Drafts around doors can be fixed by replacing the silicon tubing or tension weatherstripping strips.
  • Siding: Look for damaged siding, gaps at joints and signs of pest infestation. If your home’s siding is losing the battle against the elements, consider siding installation home improvement.

Hiring a Home Exterior Contractor

When it’s time to hire a professional to help with your spring home improvements, only work with home exterior contractors that are legally licensed and insured, guarantee their work, and have a proven track record in the Calgary area. You want to improve your home–not invite problems.

Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors has consistently been recognized for providing ethical business dealings, exceptional customer service and exceptional home exterior products and services by HomeStars Best Of and the Better Business Bureau. We are HAAG Certified Inspector for residential roofing, factory-certified GAF Master Elite roofing contractor.

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With spring in the air, you may be considering a home improvement project. No matter what tops your list, whether an overdue roof replacement or a home remodel with beautiful skylights, you want value and a contractor you can trust. You’re on the right page! Learn how quality services and community reputation have driven Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors for more than 30 years.

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