It’s officially fall and the days are growing shorter and getting cooler. With another Alberta winter on the horizon, we recommend an exterior inspection of your roof system before the snow arrives.  Your roof is the main component in protecting your home from water damage and an annual inspection could prevent a small problem from turning into a winter emergency.

The weather in Southern Alberta can be interesting (to say the least) and the chinook winds we experience can cause high winds and extreme temperature changes.  If your gutters are clogged or your shingles are loose/lifting, these weather changes may be the recipe for an leak.

We recommend the following eight steps be completed during an inspection of your roof system:

1. Inspect

Your roof should be inspected for missing, loose, cracked, broken, curling, lifting, or otherwise damaged shingles.  Some of these issues may be visible from ground level, but others will require a closer look from on top of the roof.



2. Replace

Any issues with your shingles or shakes should be addressed right away.  You can replace damaged shingles/shakes if it is a minor issue and the original shingle can be matched.



3. Re-Seal

Caulk around flashings, vents, chimney stacks and anywhere else that may have been caulked previously. Even though new shingles often come with a lifetime warranty, most waterproofing products are rated to last only 5 years.


4. Remove

Cut back/trim tree branches at least 2 feet from the roof and gutters. It only takes one branch rubbing your roof in the wind to cause damage to shingles.  Trimming trees can also reduce the amount of debris that collects in your gutters.


5. Clean

Gutters and downspouts should be cleaned seasonally of all debris. Clogged gutters can cause standing water and in the winter months it can freeze and cause damage to the roofing system, gutters, soffit, fascia, siding and even your foundation.


6. Target

Ensure downpipe extensions are directed 5 feet from the foundation. Pooling water around the foundation of your home can cause serious damage.


7. Ventilate

Have your attic inspected for balanced ventilation. In the winter months, an overheated attic will lead to excess moisture causing damage to the attic and roofing system.  See our page on Ventilation for more information on this complex system.



8. Insulate

Your attic should have the proper R value to effectively guard against heat loss, which is the leading cause of ice damming and attic condensation problems.      

Spray foam added during a recent roof replacement in NW Calgary

Do you think your roof system is in need of a inspection? Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors offers a free roof inspection and can provide a roof tune-up to address minor issues.

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Choosing a contractor can be daunting, especially for a roof replacement as many homeowners aren’t aware of this complicated system of shingles, ventilation, gutters and soffits, until they have to be.  Below are some tips to help make this process easier and assist with choosing a reputable roofing contractor in Calgary.


There are few barriers of entry into the construction market so it is easy for anyone to set-up a roofing company.  Because of this, make sure you check how long the company has been in business for. A strong history will likely mean a strong future but there are no guarantees so make sure you do some background research.  It will also tell a lot about their workmanship if they have remained in business in Calgary’s competitive roofing market.  A company can only honor a workmanship warranty if they are still in business in 1, 5, 10, 15 years.


Insurance & WCB

The company you choose should have up to date WCB and liability insurance.  In the event someone gets hurt while working on your home, you do not want to be on the hook for it.  Insurance is important in the rare event that you home is damaged during the roof replacement.  This is a very rare occurrence but it is still important for the company to have this in place.  Do not be afraid to ask for the insurance and WCB info during the quote process.

Did you know you can double check online if a company has up-to-date WCB?  Click here and enter the first part of the company name to search the database.

Reviews & BBB Rating

Reviews can tell a lot about a business.  There are many review sites available online and some of the more popular ones are Google, Homestars, and the BBB.  Read some recent reviews to find out what customers had to say about their experience with the company and if there are negative reviews, make sure you read the companies response (if there is one) which can tell you a lot about the resolution process and if the review is from a legitimate customer. While checking out BBB reviews, check the companies rating.  We wouldn’t suggest hiring a company with anything less than an A+ rating.

Click for the BBB Business Review of this Roofing Contractors in Calgary AB

Review the Quote in Detail

We recommend getting at least 3 quotes after you have made a list of reputable companies in the city.  Once you receive the quotes, compare them in detail to see which is the best fit for your project.  Quality of products can vary significantly as some companies may offer upgrades as a standard in their quote and another company may charge extra for the same thing.  Compare apples to apples to find the differences in quality of material and whether or not there will be any additional charges.  Make sure everything is in writing and any changes/upgrades that were discussed are included on the final contract.

Apples to Apples



During the quote process ask if the company offers a post work inspection.  This is important to ensure that the standards the company told you about during the quote process are met.  These inspections should be completed by a senior installer who knows exactly what to look for to ensure the entire process was completed with the best workmanship.  This will also give you a chance to ask any questions you may have about the scope of work that was completed.


If a roofing company asks for money up front, this should be a red flag as this is not a common practice in the roofing industry in Calgary.  It isn’t illegal, but a special license is required from the government of Alberta called a “Prepaid Contractors License”.  Even with this, reputable companies most likely will not ask for prepayment, but will invoice once the job is complete.


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Getting the right amount of daylight is essential for health and well being; it improves moods and helps fight SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  We may not have to worry about SAD while living in Canada’s sunniest province, but all the more reason to take full advantage of this natural mood booster!

The vertical windows on your home are wonderful, but a window on the roof can deliver 2x more natural light and are a great option for homes with houses on either side, or that face north.    Enter skylights, roof windows and sun tunnels.
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  • 4 options available:
    • Fixed – Great for hallways and stairwells
    • Manual Venting – Installed within reach, allows air to be circulated
    • Electric Venting – Installed out of reach, sensor close in inclement weather
    • Solar Powered – Installed out of reach, stores energy to operate, sensor close
  • Available for most roof pitches, including flat roofs

Roof Windows

  • Available in a variety of hinge options
  • Designed for “in reach” applications
  • Manual open and close

Sun Tunnels

  • Excellent option for bathrooms, hallways and other spaces with no natural light
  • Designed to pass from roof to ceiling
  • Installed with a ceiling diffuser to blend unnoticed into the ceiling
  • Rigid or flexible options

Sun Tunnel 1

A skylight, roof window or sun tunnel can be installed at anytime but the most convenient time is when your roof is being replaced.  Both a manufacturer and workmanship warranty is included and details of the manufacturers warranty can be found on the VELUX website here.

For additional information on the types of skylights, roof windows and sun tunnels available, as well as photos of each, visit our Skylight page.

All of our skylight products are supplied by VELUX.  For over 75 years, VELUX has been bringing natural light and fresh air to homeowners.  VELUX has the best selection on Energy Star certified skylights and sun tunnels, which have been rigorously tested to perform in the harshest climates.


Hubbard Roofing & Exteriors is a VELUX VIP Installer which means we are qualified to properly install your skylight.  We specializes in skylight and sun tunnel installation and will ensure the job is complete from start to finish, including any interior work that is required.

Interesting in financing your new skylight project?  Click here to start the pre-approval process.